About the Cows

Posted by Charlton
September 4, 2013

These wonderful cow paintings have become a huge part of the cafe culture. Trevor spotted them outside Pot Of Gold Antiques on Old Wooler Road which is where we’d bought some chairs and little vintage dessert plates. Mary Postar, the proprietor of the shop didn’t know much about the cow paintings other than that they were salvaged from a barn somewhere around Oshawa. Friends urged me to take a pass on my original intent to have rotating art exhibitions and buy these big beauties for the cafe instead. So, the day before opening they were delivered, and yes, they were perfect.

They’ve been very popular and real conversation starters. Within a few days of opening, a local farmer approached me and said that he believed they could be from a farm in Brooklin, Ontario that he believed was demolished to make way for a new subdivision and the 407 highway. Since then several customers have recognized the paintings and indeed its been confirmed that they were originally hung on the barn exterior of Roybrook Farms in Brooklin, owned by renowned Holstein breeder Roy Ormiston . Indeed the first gent to shed some light on their provenance brought me a copy of ‘The Chosen Breed’ which holds plenty of information on Roy Ormiston and his cows including his legendary ‘white cow’.

Another local farmer has told me he thinks he knows who painted these wonderful beasts and I’m hoping he’ll return with the artist’s name so we can give credit where due! ( My dad would like to have brass plaques made and mounted on the ‘frames’ of each painting, giving names to the cows, to their home and to the artist!)

Now, one final thing – the bull on the right has horns which seems okay, but so does the cow on the left and people are asking if that’s ‘correct’. So, I’m wondering – can you tell this city girl!? And I’d also welcome any more information on the story of these paintings and their subjects! Use the email link on the left to contact me or go to our facebook page and share your comments!

Author: Brian Wick

Born and rasied in Brooklin