BHS – Committees, Roles

BHS Committees & Roles


Keeping the society in order is managed by the volunteer board of directors. Setting budgets, scheduling meetings and developing a strategic direction. The committee meets periodically to develop strategies that are recommended to the board of directors for consideration.

Coordinator/Spokespersons – Jennifer
Budget – $1,500.00
Zoom (available for all committees to set up meetings)
Member Dues
Donations (financial)
Community donations (wreath)
Whitby Archives, photocopies
Digital storage (available to all committees)
Grants –  Town of Whitby, HODG


Connecting with the community is important to foster growth in locals preserving our past. Some events provide for interaction of our long-time residents, display of collected artifacts, and just plan fun events to engage our youth and adults. Meeting with the public broadens our reach and attracts more members.

Committee Coordinator/Spokespersons – Gord and Maureen
Budget – $500.00
Chris, Annmarie, Betty-Jean, Jennifer, Dianne, Pat (when available)
Boo Fest,
Harvest Festival
Reunion, painting, parade float
Speakers Series, presentations


Some items specific to Brooklin have been found, showing the history in printed materials, products and hand crafted artifacts. These are carefully archived and stored for future display. The committee always looking for more artifacts that can be preserved to reflect the heritage of our community. Donations are also welcome. 

Committee Coordinator/Spokespersons – Chris and Gary
Budget – $500.00
Marion, Marilyn, Sandra, Susan
Storage ( packing, boxes, etc), Donor forms
Artifact purchases
Three Master lists, one for Administration, one each for Chris and Gary
Legion storage, key at bar, sign in book

Social Media

The team strives to share the stories of Brooklin and area with a wide social network, with articles, photos and newspaper clippings from days gone by. Various platforms are used to reach as wide an audience as possible since demographics can dictate where people spend time or research for information. 

Committee Coordinator/Spokesperson – Tom
Budget – $250.00
Claudio, Bradley, Brian, Jennifer
Website, – Brian
Twitter, – Tom
Instagram, – Tom
BTC Articles, – Jennifer
Facebook, – Jennifer

Elder’s Interviews – Our Recorded History

The committee seeks opportunities to video record live interviews with elders in the community with the intent to save the first-hand accounts of what they remember from their years living in the Brooklin community. These are transcribed and saved. 

Committee Coordinator/Spokesperson – Roy
Budget – $250.00
Jennifer, Marion, Sandra
Interviews, Appointments,
Recordings, Transcription,
Heritage Portal,
Gifts, (bags)

Constitution /By-laws

As a new organization, the mission and goals continue to be defined. These often lead to a need to update or review the operating policies and procedures. An active committee is task to review and recommend changes to the membership at the annual general meeting. 

Committee Coordinator/Spokesperson – Dianne
Budget – $0.
Claudio, Roy
Consultant – Rob Leverty, OHS