It’s a Gas!

On June 25, 1995, the Consumers Gas Company in Whitby, along with their authorized dealer, Advantage Air Care in Brooklin, was pleased to inform Maureen and Gord Stevens that they were the winners of the draw for a brand new furnace installation to the value of $3,500.00. The arrival of natural gas to Brooklin was announced on July 20, 1995, at the lighting of the torch ceremony in front of the Luther Vipond arena, where Maureen was given the honour of “throwing” the switch. Mayor Tom Edwards attended the ceremony, along with Consumers Regional General Manager, Paddy Davis. Because Maureen and Gord were one of the first 100 natural gas customers in Brooklin, the happy couple also received a coupon from Uxbridge Nurseries Ltd. for a free 2 ft Spruce Tree. This tree was planted in the back yard of their house on Queen Street and is now a 30 ft beauty! Maureen and Gord were sorry they couldn’t take the tree with them when they moved to Kimberly Drive.